Wisdom Teeth

A few hundred years ago, wisdom teeth often served a useful purpose. When a person reached the late teens or early twenties, he or she typically had lost a molar or two on each side. The wisdom teeth served as replacements for the missing molars.

Modern dental care has made wisdom teeth unnecessary for millions of people, but the wisdom teeth still want to come in on the same schedule left over from the past.

For those who still have all their molars, that's a problem. There's no room for the new arrivals. The result is frequently painful and frustrating. A wisdom tooth breaks through the gum slightly and tries to crowd the nearby molar out of the way. The new tooth fails to emerge completely, leaving the patient in a state of perpetual teething.

In most cases, the solution is to remove some or all of the wisdom teeth. If you or a member of your family is going through the pain of wisdom teeth, we can take care of the problem.